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ISHWM is knowledge partner for Mobile Microwave Medical Waste Disinfection System.

In this series OptiMaserTM: is World’s Pioneer Mobile Microwave Medical Waste Disinfection System.

Control of cross-infection has been a subject of interest to all the Bio-Medical facilities which includes not only hospitals but also pathology labs, research organizations, etc. Over the last few decades, due to the concerns about the transmission of infectious-contagious diseases, such as AIDS, hepatitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and herpes between the patients, hospital staff and the people who get exposed to the infectious waste has been a cause of concern. With mandating pre-treatment of the BMWs generated at the Point of Generation (PoG) to reduce the chances of cross-infection/contamination among the handlers of the waste, OptiMaserTM is 100% compliant to carry out disinfection at PoG of waste only as it can be installed near to the vicinity. OptiMaserTM comes with preloaded optimized cycles for the different types of load generated at biomedical facilities. The PLC display for cycles are as follows:

We in association with Centre for Innovation and Translational Research Facility of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research: Indian Institute of Toxicology Research (CITAR- CSIR: IITR), Lucknow. U.P. India has all the rights of the Microwave Disinfecting System for the up gradation and optimization of the cycles. For more info visit us at: https://www.optimaser.com

Indian Society of Hospital waste Management recommends the microwave technology OptiMaser for pre-treatment of biomedical waste.