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President's Message

October - 2016


Dear Members

We have been having some activities in the recent past. The society was granted a project by the Dept of Health of Govt of NCT of Delhi to conduct external audit of BMWM system and practice in 10 selected hospitals in Delhi. The project commenced on 15th September 2008, and concluded on 15th March 2009. It is with great sense of satisfaction that the project was completed within the specified time. A report with exhaustive data was prepared, and has been submitted to the Dept of Health, Govt of NCT of Delhi.

The project team consisted of President ISHWM (PI), two CO – PI, and two field surveyors with one support staff. Hospitals were surveyed; data generated, analysed, and entered in the study profile. It was found that improvements had taken place in the overall scenario of hospital waste management, but a lot more required to be done to achieve best practices. Most hospitals did carry out segregation, though there was room for improvement. Most hospitals had outsourced BMW management to a service provider. Main deficiencies noticed were lack of understanding of steps required (in totality) to develop a waste management plan in the hospitals, deficiency in safety management, and lack or absence of awareness and training programmes at most hospital. Some hospitals had an effective waste management plan, and practice.

Once again it is brought to the notice of all that membership cards have been printed but not dispatched to all since addresses are not up to date. Despite many reminders members have not amended their particulars or addresses or emails. It is advisable that all members go through their details as posted on the web site and enter the latest. It will help the society office in many ways. Members can post latest addresses and emails of their friends as well so that the data gets completed.

Members are encouraged to develop proposals and submit to an agency on behalf of ISHWM, or to the society HQ for finalization and submission. The governing council members will be very willing to provide advice and guidance in the preparation of proposals. It may be appreciated that basic aim of ISHWM is to bring about change in the manner the society deals with hospital wastes at present, for healthier living and cleaner environment. In fact I am sure all may be aware of the epidemic of infective hepatitis which recently occurred in Modasa, Gujarat. Such things should not happen in future, and here the society has a responsibility to fulfil.

ISHWM 2011 was successfully organised by MS Ramaiah Medical College Bangalore. The ISHWMCON 2012 was organised by Yenepoya university Mangalore. ISHWMCON 2013 was organised with all fanfare by King George medical University, Lucknow. The last ISHWMCON 2015 was beautifully organised by All India Institute of Medical sciences New Delhi. ISHWM also completed a multicentric study in Delhi and Bangalore with support of WHO. I wish you all the very best in your endeavours.
Jai Hind!

Prof. A K Agarwal
President, ISHWM
New Delhi
October 2016


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