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Member Privileges

  1. Payment of appropriate membership without default shall entitle the member of the society for all privileges of membership of the society and to the chapter of which he/she is a member.

  2. A member shall be eligible to receive a copy of the journal of the society and all other Publications and when published free of charge of such rates fixed by the society from time to time.

  3. All life members shall have the right to enjoy the privileges of membership of the local Chapter where the member resides. He shall be entitled to enjoy the privileges of a another local chapter provided the member permanently changes the residence and inform all concerned to change the effect.
  4. All member shall attend the annual conferences on paying the necessary registration fees non members shall also attend provided the separate registration fees are paid by them.

  5. All members have the light to attend the chapter /regional/zonal meetings.

  6. All such attendance will be governed by the rules laid down in the bye laws and instructions issued from time to time.

  7. All members shall enjoy any other privileges that may hereinafter be conferred by the society.

  8. All members have the right to vote eligibility as in Para 14 of part III.

  9. Corporate Members
    Two nominated persons will be allowed to attend annual conferences as delegates without charging delegates fees however there delegates can vote only if otherwise eligible as per the rules and by laws of the society corporate members will be eligible to hire stall diwrwag conferences at 50% concession