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Scientific Events

"ISHWM con 2007 was held at the IHC, Lodhi Road New Delhi. Theme of the conference was 'Integrated Healthcare wwaste Management: mainstay towards patient Safety'. The conference was a grand success. Scientific tenor of papers was of high standard, and discussions and presentation of papers were of high order."



National Colloquium on liquid and other waste management was organised at Leela Palace , Bangalore during 3rd & 4 th May 2007 , by Healthcare Waste Management Cell, M S Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore , in collaboration with HAWA, German Technology Cooperation (GTZ). The colloquium was well attended. Delegates were not only from India , but from many other countries. Delegates, in no uncertain terms expressed their dissatisfaction on the way liquid waste was being managed in India , and many other countries at present. Foreign delegates shared their experiences in the conference. The conference included field visits to three large hospitals in Bangalore . Experiences on field visits were presented and discussed. It was decided to form a task group to advise the hospitals on the best way to manage their liquid waste . Rep, ISHWM is on this task group. The colloquium was a great success. President, ISHWM was invited as a resource person for the colloquium.